You can now build a social media strategy

You can now build a social media strategy

Developing a social media strategy will help you take advantage of the conversation surrounding your business, it also helps you build loyalty and attracts new customers and prospects.

The idea of social media marketing strategy is to build a community of loyal customers and intending buyers, it doesn’t strike off other inbound promotional methods like emails, events, public relations but rather amplifies them.

What is a social media strategy – It is the general outline of the content that your business intends to post, it includes goals for the social media aspect of your digital marketing and the various channels you have deployed to promoting your business.
A good social media strategy serves as a guide to the actualization of your social media goals and objectives. Every business should have a social media goal, what you intend to gain from using the different social media channels that you employ is typically up to how strategic you are with your social media.

Ways to creating a good social media strategy

  1. Effective quality Content – One of the ways to create a good social media strategy is through effective and quality content marketing copies. Content marketing helps your brand only when the right quality content is created to fully express the benefits of your products or service. See post on e-commerce SEO guide and why to invest in quality content  :
  2. Community of loyal customers – Another brilliant way is to create a community for your audience, while you may think that this has to do with having many followers on the internet, it is almost not true. Well, followers and other metric are quite important but they do not drag people to take an action. Try;  
    Taking polls to get the opinion of your audience
    Share information that relates to other fields associated to your product
    Get active through comment sections, repost stories etc.
  3. Reviews and Testimonials – Incorporating Reviews and testimonials into your social media strategy can go a long way in helping you create an automatic base for prospect customers to develop trust, loyalty and excitement. Using the reviews and testimonials of your customers go a long way to showing that you value their patronage and this triggers prospects to take an action.
  4. The right social media channels – Making use of the right social media channels to sell your products is very important, each platform has its strengths and how they help in realizing your social media marketing goals. So, whether its Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snap chat or Tik-Tok. You will need to choose which of these platforms can help you build the strong community of loyal customers that you desire.

It doesn’t make much sense to use Linkeldn as your main social media channel if you sell clothes, shoes and bags, right?

5. Promotions and Budgeting – Another great way to building a great social media strategy is having a budget aimed at specific goals, which should include promotions. Finding a way to use this budget to actualize your goals can get you to reach your target audience faster. Social media is powerful and there are a lot of ways to benefit from it.

See – Previous post where identifying your target audience was stated as the number key step to starting your small business
6. Live buttons – Another great social media strategy would be making use of the live buttons on facebook and Instagram, among other platforms to tell your stories, interact with people who have a keen interest in your brand and passersby who just come to see what’s up. Typically, and fortunately, most passersby usually turn out to be community members and buyers eventually when they see the benefits and solution you are offering.

The benefits of having a social media strategy are numerous. However, take a quick glance at these;

  • It helps in building brand awareness
  • It helps you stay on top of current trends within the world of social media and marketing
  • It helps in the expansion of other marketing efforts
  • It stands as a good form of communication and connection to your target audience
  • It is great for sharing reviews and testimonials. Any one can see this, as long as it is on social media
  • It definitely attracts buyers

Social media has turned the marketing world around, it has helped businesses of all sizes and has played a huge role in telling their stories, showing their benefits and features and the solution they bring.


With a good social media strategy, you can take your business to any part of the world. A good social media strategy will give you the opportunity to play as a business on the same grounds as multinationals and huge enterprises.