How to Sell Anything Anywhere to Anyone

How to Sell Anything Anywhere to Anyone

Approach each customer with the idea of helping him or her to solve a problem or achieve a goal, not of selling a product or service”  – Brian Tracy

It is typically natural to focus on your product, its value and what it stands for, it is normal to get engrossed with what it has to offer and the solution you have made it capable of proffering. However, even if a product has value, it still needs someone to use it, experience it and obtain satisfaction from using it.

There, think about that!

It should be about your customer, who you wish to sell to, it is about their needs and what their problems entail, this is the only way you get to understand how your product, though valuable can be of help or proffer solution.

Bob Hooey said: If you do not take care of your customer, your competitor will.

So, striving to get customer satisfaction is not a myth or over hype, it is a strong strategy to sell and keep selling to anyone, anywhere.

The idea of selling is to make customers, but treat each like gold, because there is nothing as beneficial to a brand such as customer retention. These are the ones who will come back to buy again and again, more likely to be unpaid ambassadors for your brand, treat your brand like family and also stick with it for life.

Some families will never buy another type of noodles that is not Indomine noodles, they probably found something that they didn’t need to test other great brands searching for.

How to sell anything

You could actually sell any type of product only if it solves a need and proffers a solution to someone, the impact of focusing on your target audience is super important because it gives you the idea of what they want and how they want it.

If you produce hot water flasks, you could expect the bulk of your ideal target audience to revolve around mothers, nursing mothers, 9-5 workers, business men and women, gym enthusiasts, hiking and camping lovers. You could find these people in different places ranging from schools, offices, gyms, women meetings, work-out zones, PTA meetings, just to mention a few.

So, knowing who to sell to will help you sell anything that has value, this information also gives you the idea of what they would want to see in a hot water flask. Technically, finding a hot water flask is not so difficult, the question is what extra features and benefits are you likely to give that would make them spend their money on your product.

You can understand this by listening to them!

How to sell anywhere

Just go online, its high time you took advantage of the great power of the e-commerce world.

Where have you been?

E-commerce helps you to sell anywhere, you could meet people without seeing them just because your products got to them. It is the most convenient form of selling and is definitely the key to selling anywhere in the world.

Your physical shop has its boundaries, but with an online store you could sell anywhere in the world without hindrance 24/7.

See :

Selling online helps you with easy marketing, your products automatically reach a wider audience just because it has an online presence, digital marketing strategy and social media reach.

People don’t just go looking for products without wanting something, and this could be someone from anywhere in the world. It affords you the opportunity to play on the same business fields as top businesses in the world.

If renting shop on the same street as Dior isn’t an option because of your lack of resources, not to worry, you just took up space next to them in the best-selling arena that there is.

Sounds fantastic?

Here are some reasons why selling online can take you anywhere

  • No time frame, you don’t get to close shop because it’s getting late.
  • Low cost, you can sell anywhere with just samples of your products
  • 87% of shoppers first come online to search for products before going to physical shops, if you can lure them with your benefits, you definitely get to keep them
  • You can reach anyone, anywhere and at any time. Distance is not a barrier

Since you have heard the how to sell anything, and how to sell anywhere.

Read further to know;

How to sell to anyone

Selling a product can be very stressful when you have no idea what to do, how to start, what to say and how to engage. But, its not about you but about them, that’s a good start.

Understanding that you are selling to a person who has various other concerns is really a good way to position how you sell to someone, many people don’t like or enjoy people who talk a lot about themselves without regarding others. If your selling format is strictly about your product, then you probably just lost a buyer.

Its about them and not you!

So, learn what makes them excited, interested and what they wish to spend their money on. It makes no sense to sell to just anyone, because just anyone is not your target audience. Knowing your target audience, understanding their buyer persona and their needs is a great way to selling to anyone.

You can get these insights and learn about prospects on Twitter, facebook, google, company financial statement, blogs, etc.

Making the pitch about them gets them to hear you out. You should obviously have an idea of their problem to do this.

Building a relationship with them is another fine way of selling to a prospect, but how do you do this? You can build a relationship with your prospects by starting off with knowing what’s good with them before going on and on about your business.

Do you walk into a store and they just go straight to the prices without any warm greeting and quick chit chat? If you have come across such business, think about how you felt and understand how your prospects feel when you don’t firstly make them feel at home. Whether you are selling online, it still goes to say that you should start with;

“Hi Daniel, I brought you some good news, I hope you are doing good”

You can be pretty sure that Daniel will open that email.

You should also try to hit the emotions of your prospects, that’s how you sell to them, you could have seen various adverts on tv or print or online, especially with cereals or milk or diapers and how they go on to show the beauty of motherhood. That’s how emotions work. Majority of mothers smile when they see such videos or adverts.

Everyone has emotions, learning how to use them positively for your business is a plus.

Remember that you are selling to a human being and not a robot, in the case that you wish to convince someone about your products, talking about the benefits they serve to your prospects after you have listened to their problems could give you some insights on where to focus your pitching. So, before you pitch, listen.

You can sell to anyone in the world but being ready for it is another ball game, harnessing the power of the internet and the brilliance of digital marketing can help you reach a wider audience, you could also get prospect customers to love your product by surrounding it with simple solutions for large problems, people often say ‘wow’ to such products.

Conclusion Selling to anyone depends on how focused you are to their problems and how attentive you are to their concerns. The value of your product is worth nothing if no one buys it.