Free tools to start your online business

Free tools to start your online business

With the world of e-commerce diversifying each day, the innovations and impact on the global economy and especially on businesses, every online business owner needs certain tools to help their online selling process faster, swift and workable.

In this day and time, online tools are super essential to the success of any business. Fortunately, there are a large number of business tools available, most of which have subscription cost, however for the purpose of this topic;

Here are 6 Online free tools that can help you start your business

SellHustle – This is a free e-commerce platform which creates a free website for you, creates a store and a platform for you to sell your products, it attracts customers to your business. With SellHustle, you can upload pictures, beautify your store with great themes, and generate beautiful coupon codes and invoices for your customers. Remember, it is where your sales grow from 1 to 10x.

Canva – This is a graphics design platform used in creating social media designs, presentations, documents, fliers and other visual content. It includes great templates with content ideas and is quite easy to work around. Almost every creator uses Canva.

Adobe Lightroom – This is a creative image organization and manipulation software that helps you import, organize, manage, and find your images. It is a photo editing and management tool. It allows you to copy and paste changes across multiple images with few clicks. The free version exists.

CapCut – This is a free video editing app that lets you create awesome videos with simple tools. It edits videos like cutting, reversing, changing speed and is super easy to use. You can also record on the app.

Pinterest – This is an image sharing device that enables saving and discovery of information on the internet using images. It helps with content ideas and style inspiration.

Pexel – This is a free stock image provider and video that you can use everywhere to create your content. There are billions of high-quality stock images and copyright free pictures available here for download.


There you have it, these are 6 free tools that can help your business grow online, there are several more free tools but stick to this and get started immediately.