Content ideas for your social media page

Content ideas for your social media page

Getting content ideas can be sometimes stressful, especially if you are doing the content aspect of your business solely and without expert help. Whatever the case may be, there are tons of ideas almost everywhere on the internet, but these ideas have to be in sync with your brand concept.

The type of content you share on your page determines how active your community becomes, one major flaw of some product sellers and business owners is the act of talking only about their business. Sometimes, this is because they really have no other idea of what to say.

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According to 54% of marketers, Videos are the most valuable content format for achieving social media marketing goals, Images also stand as a good form of interacting with your audience and social media community, Text and images work hand in hand because of how they go from informative to expressive content, you could also do well by making use of your stories and live buttons.

Here are some content ideas for your page

  • Informational Posts – These are news trending within your industry which you can share on your social media pages to keep your community informed, updates like this help other brand owners to follow your page, smaller businesses and basic people looking for key information on the internet. The tone applied should be more informational than instructive, more educational than entertaining.
  • Motivational Posts – Everyone on the internet is tired of one thing or the other, if your page is a go to place for some motivation and spirit lifting, it could go a long way in attracting people to tap and click on your website to purchase your products. Try sharing inspirational videos, “You can do it videos”, and inspiring videos that motivate women.
  • Entertaining Posts – What is a good day without some laughter? Boring and not fun. That is right, you can spice things up by posting a trending funny video or meme, try searching for trending memes and funny videos, but remember to always give video credit.
  • Creative Posts – Creative posts go a long way in showing that your business has capable minds running it, try coming up with ideas that show the creativity behind your brand and product. Your creativity should extend to showing behind the scenes of your production or packaging process, before and after of your products, questions and answers with gifts, fun topics and tips.
  • Facts – One of the beautiful content ideas would be sharing facts, the brilliant nature of learning something new is quite exciting. Guess you have never skipped a “did you know” post before. Think about how you felt when you learnt something new and give your community the exact same feeling.
  • Your Business – Talking about your business is the main reason you created your social media page. However, defining the features without stating the benefit can bore your community. So, when talking about your business, try associating the solutions and features together. This is a good way of keeping your audience glued to your page. Also try tweaking your content to be relatable and fun, don’t get too serious always, the world is already under a whole lot of pressure.

Take a look at this table below;


The idea behind creating a social media table or calendar is that it avails you the opportunity to be timely with the posts on your page, helps you keep track, less thinking about ideas and what to posts and showcases the strength of your content marketing strategy.