5 ways to improve sales

5 ways to improve sales

Improving your business sales is a choice, one that has to deal with learning and making key decisions that affect your growth and development.

To improve sales, you may want to create a sense of urgency, use appropriate CTA’s, offer free shipping, improve your landing page, or introduce a new product. If you are a product seller, introducing a new product based on the demands and needs of your present customers can be a plus to getting more sales and landing more prospects.

Create a sense of urgency – Some people need to be pushed before they can buy something or even subscribe to a plan that is showing “free”. Some other people also enjoy pressure and fire brigade approach, its only fair to give them some sense of urgency. Make people believe that you have limited products available at the material time. Introduce an offer that they can’t resist and add some spice by adding that the stocks are limited.

Here are some examples of headlines that create a sense of urgency;

  • 45% Off on hot proof water flask
  • Limited offer, buy now
  • Sign up for 30% off
  • Get free consultation; 13:54:24 remaining
  • You are running out of time
  • Activate now while plan last
  • Seize opportunity
  • Yes, I’m in
  • Book me

Use appropriate CTA’s – A CTA means a call-to-action button that is used at the end of every landing page, email or content to urge customers to take an action. However, the wrong CTA can confuse a prospect and stop them from buying your product.

Imagine using BUY NOW for a school related content that advertises entry. Whereas, a school related CTA should say; Apply here, click here, Submit now.

Using the right CTA helps reduce the confusion in the minds of your prospects.

Here are some examples of great CTA’s;

  • E-commerce; Buy, Shop, Order, Save, Add to Cart, Pick, View
  • General; Learn more, See More, click here, Click Now, Start, find out, Swipe up, Continue
  • Non – profit; Donate, Commit, Volunteer, Support, Adopt
  • Newsletter or community; Subscribe, Join, Sign up
  • Freebies; Download for free, Get, Grab, Claim, Take Advantage of
  • SaaS Conversion; Try, Get Started, Subscribe, Sign Up

Offer free shipping – Free shipping is one of the ways to attract sales, and its not even difficult to achieve. People usually expect free shipping when shopping for a product or something relatively close to it.

You can integrate the shipping fee or delivery fee into the cost of the same goods they are paying for.

Win- win

You can also add free delivery for a specific amount spent on your products.

An example of this would be; Get free delivery from purchases above ₦5000 or $60. This way, you can get someone to increase the amount they spend on your products just to get free shipping.

Improve your landing page – Your landing page is saying something different. Your landing page should be simple, benefit related and CTA directed.

You can incorporate features and benefits on your landing page, here’s an example;

Soft and smoot to suit sensitive skin
Fluoride Mouthwash to prevent Tartar

A good example of a landing page is;

Send and Transfer money within seconds in any currency

                                       Create Free Account

Do you know what most people would capture there?

The ‘within seconds’ benefit

A good landing page says it all.

Launch a new product – people actually want to see more of your brand and what you can offer that they can’t see yet, they want to get excited and anticipate a new product. Launching a new product can make them know that business is going fine, you are not going away any time soon and that you care enough to come up with new products to help their other needs.


The greatest weakness of man lies in giving up. Focusing on these strategies and showing up each day to do them and make them work for your brand can move the chances of improving your sales higher.