5 Ways to develop your business

5 Ways to develop your business

Business development is a very important aspect of any business, you can’t expect a business to grow if you are not taking measures to working towards its growth, development and future expansion.

In developing your business, marketable ideas should be sought for both short-term and long-term goals, in order to ascertain the success rate of how the business is thriving, what needs to be done and what you have achieved.

Leadership is an important aspect in developing your business, leadership refers to how you make decisions that affect your business, set goals and how you interact and coordinate the staffs you lead. As a leader, your business can grow only if you inspire and motivate the rest of your team, if most of your employees are scared of you, intimidated by your presence, then there is a problem. Understanding business leadership helps you strive towards staff retention and satisfaction.

Here are some ways to develop your business

Marketing and promotion – A lot of people spend plenty money on many forms of marketing, digital and social media presence without understanding the basics which has to do with knowing who your target market audience is, this results to spending money without gaining results.

Your marketing and promotions should be geared towards informing your customers and prospects about the features and benefits of your products, increase demand, create awareness and drive sales

Ask yourself these questions

  • Do you have a target audience?
  • Do you know what they want to see or gain from your product?
  • Do you have a community?
  • What is your marketing campaign strategy?
  • What do you wish to achieve with your marketing strategy?

Don’t just spend money on marketing and promotion, spend it wisely.

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Free samples, discounts and Giveaways

Many people buy products online because of the offers and freebies that have been attached to it. You may want to add freebies to your new product launch, special gift seasons, giveaways from questions answered from customers on your social media pages, give certain discounts for customers who purchase above a certain amount.

People respond a lot to ads like;
Buy 1 get 1 free
Buy Now and get 30% off
Free samples today at all stores within Ikeja
5k giveaway, sign up to win

This is how you get things done.

Managing attached vendors – Managing other attached vendors to your business like manufacturing, packaging and distribution channels is very important, because they can disappoint, ruin and cripple your efforts within the blink of an eye.

Monitor closely what the people manufacturing your products are giving to you, ensure that the required quality doesn’t drop, but rather improves. You should also manage the delivery channels too and ensure that they are handling the products with care. A rough and shabby looking product delivered to a customer doesn’t say well about your brand.

Observe due diligence – In the case that you wish to expand your business, avoid rushing before laying and following basic ground rules. You will need to find out all that there is to know about the target audience in the area, the location, cost and future growth projection.

It is a good thing to launch a new product or expand your market base. However, doing the needful helps you avoid loss of capital, time and effort.

Monitoring the current state of your business – Monitoring the current state of your business helps you in improvement, knowing your achievements and ways in which you need to do better.


Strength – Where is your business at its best, where have you succeeded and what are your achievements so far

Weakness – Where have you been falling short, where do you need improvement and growth

Opportunities – What offers lay for you now and the future. Are there decisions you may need to take to scale which can determine your growth, development and expansion? A great opportunity for a product seller to increase sales would be signing up on http://www.sellhustle.com

Threats – What is the competition doing that can put you out of business


There are many more ways to develop your business. However, while you sit on this and re-strategize, understand that it is actually left to you to take big decisions and steps that improve the chances of succeeding as a brand.