5 Secrets to Online shops

5 Secrets to Online shops

You have probably seen the buzz around online shops and the huge market that the digital world of e-commerce has expanded, simply because people love easy, convenient and less stressful methods of shopping. That’s right, but many people are ignorant of the secrets to help them sell online.

Having an online shop not only gives you the control over your customers experience but helps you in targeting a specific and definite goal. Selling online also gives you credibility, people want to know that you are not a robot. They want to know that if anything goes wrong with the product they got from your physical shop, they could send messages or chat with a direct customer service immediately.

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Understanding that selling online is one of the fastest ways to get known without doing or having much, it would be advisable to read further.

Here are the 5 secrets to selling online

  • Great Web page and E-commerce Platform – Having a great e-commerce platform, especially with a good and attractive design is very important to owning an online shop, because people naturally respond more to fine images. Regardless of how beautiful your product is, if your visual presentation is clumsy and untidy, then your branding has been crippled. A great e-commerce platform should also be one that is less stressful to navigate, the buying experience of your customers should not be an examination process. So, keep it simple.
  • Blog Post – Blog posts generate a good amount of traffic to your page especially when the post contains SEO keywords that entail useful information for users that are likely to look through various search engines in the quest to find a product or service. It also encourages people to visit your site and actually purchase a product

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  • Customer Satisfaction – Striving for customer satisfaction is one of the ways to improve the outlook of your brand. It helps you in knowing when and how to improve the services you provide and increase the benefits and productivity of your products. It includes; great customer service, great help support in which incorporating live chat features that work 24/7 can be a plus, great check-out process and great popular payment methods
  • “About Us” – The about area of your page is not a story book corner, so avoid saying too much. It is where you get to tell people what you are about, what you do and more especially how you can solve their problems with your products. It should include your contact information, address and social media channels. Do not overcrowd the about aspect with too many details, ensure to start with a catchy head line.
  • Social media – You can attest to the fact that even before searching for an item on the various search engines, you have probably seen a product you like on social media. Social media is the key to gaining visibility and entrance to the world.

Advertising on social media is a powerful way to connect with potential customers, the key trick to taking advantage of social media is to make it fun, energetic, creative and informative.


The secret to a great online shop is finding the right e-commerce platform, social media channel and great quality content and great user experience. E-commerce growth is on the rise and the statistics are enormous.