15 Ways to drive sales without Ads

15 Ways to drive sales without Ads

The online market is the fastest growing market in the world, if you want to reach a certain level in your business growth, then you should take advantage of the many prospects in the digital world.

With the many social media channels, sales strategy and SEO optimization techniques that brands do to drive sales, marketing always falls on spending money. However, you can make a significant number of sales without a huge budget on Ads. Selling without spending money on Ads is very much possible, even when you have a particular budget, you can apply these tips.

Here are 15 ways to drive sales without Ads

Build an easy-to-use website – Having an easy-to-use website is very important, people often get tired if the buying process is very stressful. Your website should be easy, convenient, professional and straight to the point. Sign up on www.sellhustle.com to create your free website.

Build out an Email List – The impact of email marketing cannot be overemphasized. Creating an email list from the emails of your customers helps you keep them informed of the many benefits, new features and solutions that your business has to offer. It is also a means to get them informed about regular topics surrounding your field and industry.

Add backlinks to your blog sites – Backlinks helps refer readers back to your page and helps in SEO rankings. You could also add backlinks from other reliable sources especially when you are quoting a particular article from another website or company.

Get active on social media – Getting active on social media is super important to the growth of your business, the many people on social media are great prospect customers to purchase your products.   Read : http://shblog.sellhustle.com/2022/09/05/content-ideas-for-your-social-media-page/                    http://shblog.sellhustle.com/2022/09/05/you-can-now-build-a-social-media-strategy/

Understand customer buyer persona – Your buyer persona helps you determine who your ideal customer is, understanding who you want to reach will help you in a variety of ways from choosing the right social media platforms to use, to creating the best mix of content to share, to being able to target advertising to the right audience

E.g., of buyer persona includes background, goals, challenges, demographics, favorite websites, favorite brands, interests etc.

Retarget email subscribers – A lot of your email subscribers have not been reading your emails, retargeting them and getting to know why is very important and can help reconnect them to your business.

Focus on the value of your products – Focusing on the value of your products is very important because the value of your product is the reason why customers would want to purchase, making sure that your product is giving out value is quite important.

Improve your checkout process – Improving the checkout process of your website will enable your customers to make purchases without giving up entirely

Ensure safety of user data – No one wants to purchase a product from a website that isn’t safe, so make yours safe.

Provide customer reward programs – If your customers get rewards from your brand once in a while, they would be happier to return

Improve product pages – Improving your product pages by hammering on the features, benefits and solution of your products can go a long way in convincing your prospects to buy your products

Give discounts that don’t affect your profit – People love discounts and freebies, give them some “Buy 1 get 1 free” once in a while

Start a challenge – Start a challenge creatively that may cause a ripple effect and add a gift to it.

Add gift items to purchase – When sending out your products, adding a small gift to it that goes along with your product can be something for your customers to look forward to.

Implement Video content – Videos play a long role in content marketing, using video content to market your products can be very beneficial to your customers.

You can drive sales in many ways, which include spending on ads and not spending on ads, whatever the case may be, you can try any of these tips in order to grow your business.